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Antibacterial Hands & Feet Lotion

Antibacterial Care lotion especially for sweaty and stressed hand & feet. With zinc and sage. Perfect for daily skin care!

only 6,90 € Recommended retail price 9,90 €** | 9,20 € / 100

Content 75ml

High effective antiperspirant that regulates heavy to very heavy perspiration immediately & enduring. Broad area of application like armpits, h...

only 19,90 € 39,80 € / 100

Content 50ml

Antiperspirant without ALUMINIUM SALTS. Normalizes excessive sweating to a natural minimum without blocking the sweat glands. Use against hyp...

only 24,90 € 49,80 € / 100

Content 50ml

High effective antiperspirant wipes that regulates heavy to very heavy perspiration immediately & enduring. Broad area of application like...

only 14,90 €

Content 10 Tücher

Vegan Roll-On Free WITHOUT ALUMINUM SALTS helps to prevent body odour caused by light or medium perspiration. With Aloe Vera & Sage. ...

only 14,90 € 29,80 € / 100

Content 50ml

The wipes protect you effectively against wet palms and prevent unpleasant body odour. With nourishing Panthenol. With immediate effect.

only 9,90 €

Content 10 Tücher

SweatStop® Powder Stick WITHOUT aluminium salts effectively protects against sweaty feet and reliably prevents unpleasant body-odour.

only 5,90 € 9,83 € / 100

Content 60g

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Antibacterial 2in1 Shower Cream

Antibacterial 2in1 shower cream especially for sweaty skin. Gently reduces odour causing bacteria. Gently cleaning & intensive care in 1 step!

only 6,90 € Recommended retail price 9,90 €** | 3,45 € / 100

Content 200ml

CLIMAtie climate tie for women in blue. Protects against heat and sweating. Reusable. Suitable for all ages.

only 9,90 €

Content 1 Halstuch

2 shoe pads against wet & bad smelling shoes in unit size for 1 pair. Protect your feet & maintain the newness of your shoes.

only 9,95 €

Content 2 Kissen

Men's vest with V-neck, slim fit and sewn highly absorbent armpit pads. Suitable for light to heavy sweating. Prevents sweat patches on clothing.

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manjana® functional socks with odor-inhibiting & antibacterial silver for use with sweaty feet. With plush insole for maximum absorption o...

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Content 1 Paar Socken

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everdry - Your expert against sweating

In close collaboration with the experienced dermatologist Dr. med. Eva Kalman, everdry offers you holistic solutions.
Our goal: to restore the natural balance of the skin in the long term.
Feel good from head to toe!
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You have problems with sweating and want to prevent unpleasant sweat odour?
Do you want to do that without aluminium salts and attach great importance to herbal products?
Vegan Roll-On Free WITHOUT aluminium salts!
everdry Free

Do you have problems with axillary sweat, sweating on the face, wet hands, sweat in general or sweat odour?
Haven’t you found the right special deodorant or antiperspirant as an effective remedy against sweating yet?
We have the solution against sweating!
everdry Antiperspirant

Are you looking for body care products especially for sweaty and impure skin?
Do you have skin problems such as pimples, skin infections, skin irritation, itching or a sensitive skin?
We care for your skin!
everdry Skin Care

Do you have problems with sweat stains on clothing or bad odour in textiles such as shoes or bags?
Are you looking for vests with armpit pads or textile care with antibacterial effect and anti-odour effect?
We ensure hygienic freshness in clothing and textiles!
everdry Textile World

Are you interested in the everdry antiperspirant against sweating or the everdry skin care products against pimples and impure skin? You do not want to buy this online, but in the pharmacy of your trust?
everdry is available in every pharmacy. Ask your pharmacist!
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