Your expert against perspiration & body odour -

EVERDRY Antiperspirant Body Roll-On

  • Long-lasting effect against sweat and sweat odour
  • Bacterial growth will be reduced
  • Reduces sweat: the skin stays dry
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EVERDRY - Your expert against perspiration and body odour

Highly effective antiperspirant wipes with sage extract, aloe vera & allantoin that regulate heavy to very heavy sweating.

only 15,90 €

Content 10 Tücher

Antibacterial 2in1 Anti-Odor Spray with anti-odor effect for skin, clothing and textiles.

only 14,90 € 14,90 € / 100

Content 100ml

Moisturizing night care lotion with Hyaluronic acid, Seboclear®, Zinc PCA, Aloe Vera & Panthenol. Intensive care ideal for skin impurities & sweat...

only 14,90 € 29,80 € / 100

Content 50ml

Underbust sweat protection made of 100% cotton to protect against unpleasant sweat stains and sore spots on the chest area.

from 24,90 €

Content 1 Stück

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Offer Antibacterial 2in1 Shower Cream

Antibacterial 2in1 shower cream especially for sweaty skin. Gently reduces odour causing bacteria. Gently cleaning & intensive care in 1 step!

only 9,90 € 4,95 € / 100

Content 200ml

Antiperspirant without ALUMINIUM SALTS. Normalizes excessive sweating to a natural minimum without blocking the sweat glands. Use against hyp...

only 24,90 € 49,80 € / 100

Content 50ml

Belly fold sweat protection made of 100% cotton to protect against perspiration and friction in the belly fold and groin area.

from 39,90 €

Content 2 Stück

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CLIMAtie climate tie for women in blue. Protects against heat and sweating. Reusable. Suitable for all ages.

only 9,90 €

Content 1 Halstuch

2 shoe pads against wet & bad smelling shoes in unit size for 1 pair. Protect your feet & maintain the newness of your shoes.

only 9,95 €

Content 2 Kissen

Washable sweat pads against sweating under the arms for sewing in. Against mild to severe perspiration. Suitable for any top, easy to attach, good...

from 12,90 €

Content 2 Stück

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MANJANA® functional socks with odor-inhibiting & antibacterial silver for use with sweaty feet. With plush insole for maximum absorpt...

from 16,90 €

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Men's vest with V-neck, slim fit and sewn highly absorbent armpit pads. Suitable for light to heavy sweating. Prevents sweat patches on clothing.

from 38,50 €
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The simple application of the EVERDRY antiperspirants

Clean the concerned area before usage.
Apply a paper-thin film of the EVERDRY Antiperspirant directly to the specific area just before going to bed.
Repeat the application on a maximum of 4 nights in a row.
Now only apply the antiperspirant if necessary.

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Antiperspirants, skin care, textiles and other products against sweating, sweat & odour

EVERDRY is your expert against sweating and sweat odour. Find ALL products in ONE shop only!

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Sweating under the armpits

Are you looking for antiperspirants and additional products that help you to reduce underarm perspiration? Then explore the large EVERDRY product assortment with highly effective antiperspirants, textiles, underarm patches and much more.

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Sweating in the face

Do you feel uncomfortable with strong facial sweating? Are you looking for care products for the sweaty skin in your face? Then you will find what you are looking for among the wide range of EVERDRY products. We offer highly effective cosmetics, antiperspirants, care products and textiles for the selective application on forehead, nose and upper lip.

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Sweating on the hands

Are you looking for products that combat hand perspiration? In our EVERDRY product assortment you will find antiperspirants against sweating on the hands with an instant effect and additional products that help you fight hand perspiration.

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Sweating on the feet

Do you have problems with sweaty feet and foot odour? The large EVERDRY product assortment helps. Discover antiperspirants with an instant effect, socks, foot powder and more products against sweaty feet.

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